As far as the environment is concerned, SAMI can handle the following areas:
  • Assessment of environmental impact (V.I.A.)
  • Environmental monitoring, environmental System management (procedures to dispose of solid, liquid, special and toxic-hazardous waste);
  • Studies and audits of atmospheric, water and sole pollution related to existing and/or future situations
  • Adjustment of gaseous and liquid effluents to legislation in force
  • Audits of production units (plant and/or site);
  • Environmental clean-up (reclamation projects)
  • Surveys and phonometric reports for external areas.
  • Environmental clean-up (reclamation projects)
  • Maintenance of green areas
  • Collection and recycling of wood wastage
  • Maintenance of banks on water courses
  • Surveys and studies of ecological ways to defend the ground, rivers, the sea, coasts and the atmosphere linked to human activities
  • Mechanical assembly, maintenance, demolitions