Mechanical assembly, maintenance, demolitions

SAMI can offer site management staff services (Site Supervisors, safety Operators, electric and mechanical assembly Supervisors) for energy production plants, transformation of plants to combined cycle with special care over any works needed to interface with existing plants.
The Company can make technical figures available to the Client. These can operate on machinery such as Turbogas, Steam Turbines and Alternators, hydraulic and geothermal Turbines. Through its associates, SAMI can handle industrial demolition activities with the disposal of material produced and, in the above-mentioned areas, construction of civil works for new power plants and demolition/construction of existing ones.
In a specifically hydro-electric area and for small, medium-sized and large sizes, SAMI can provide specialised technicians for assistance purposes; especially for critical stages with alignment, vibration and hydraulic regulation for the most frequently used machine types (Francis, Pelton, Kaplan) and/or handle assembly directly. Engineering and quality